words #13

Billy Collins thinks of the three blind mice
as he readies the parsley for each slice.

Diane Wakoski considers compassion
as the knife separates each orange slice.

The cutting board is where alchemy starts
by cutting wholes into parts slice by slice.

Julian Cook prepares a black bean soup
and sees Buddha robed in red pepper slices.

Like the old adage of omelets and eggs,
change is still change no matter how sliced.

First, hahahaha!! BOOM! I’m expecting a marshmallow Buddha today (for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, yesterday’s comments included a conversation between Julian and myself to the effect of, that since I referenced marshmallows while he composed with black beans, today I would reference black beans while he composed with marshmallows). 2. This poetic form is a Ghazal. It’s fairly involved (see here), and I’m fairly certain I didn’t quite follow it all,  but the gist is an odd number of couplets that can each stand alone.


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