poem(s) #41: Haikus About Dogs for Sanctuary Rescue

Today’s poem(s) is a haiku series written at the request of Sanctuary Rescue, an amazing, small, volunteer-based dog rescue in Midlothian, VA, who specializes in saving pregnant dogs and puppies.  On Facebook yesterday, Sanctuary Rescue requested five haikus: one about Ella Super Beagle (the face of Sanctuary Rescue), one on puppies, on one pregnant dogs, one on rescue, and “surprise me with the last one.”

So I have written a five haiku series. Each haiku can stand alone, or be read in sequence to make a longer poem.

And, since haikus are three lines that alternate five and seven syllables, I’m going to ask you to donate to Sanctuary Rescue (or your local dog rescue) in a multiple of $3, $5, or $7. You can donate HERE.

Without further ado, the haikus:

On Pregnant Dogs (in Shelters)

Friendless. A cold floor.
Can they tell that I’m pregnant?
I smell death and fear.

On Rescues

It will be okay.
We have warmth, food, open arms,
a place to call home.

On Puppies

What’s that? What’s this? LOOK!
Pounce, tug, chew, tear, run, pee, rip!
The pillow is dead.

On Ella Super Beagle

They said I wouldn’t.
So I ran, played, howled, and grew.
I do what I want.

On Compassion

Cultivate kindness.
Compassion rescues us all,
giver and given.

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