Buddha #95 – boring?

Today’s challenge : ” Make something boring seem exciting.”

Zazen can seem like an astonishingly dull activity, especially the Soto zen practice (i.e. sit and look at the wall.  Don’t forget to breathe.) But really there is much going on…air moving in and out, the shoulders,  hands and even top of head moving subtly with each breath, the heart beating away,  food digesting,  constant minute adjustments to the skeleton to stay balanced.  And of course there is the rest of the world to observe,  air moves, noise occurs and falls away, the sun moves shadows.  When we slow down we are able to appreciate the entirety of each moment.  I tried to capture all of this movement and excitement here.  I might revisit this theme later.

8×10 oil pastel and chalk on  BFK Rives gray paper.


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