poem #95 (#CreativeSprint)

There is a universe

in every blade of grass. 

His nose Sherlocks

essential information from the soil,

how many squirrels ran here,

which seeds are buried too deep to grow,

the scent of an old chicken bone tossed aside

but snatched up two days later

by a hand holding a leash

to a small white pitbull who

peed right over there. 

He digs a little, delicately

tastes the grass. Yes,

definitely the white pitbull, 

the pretender to the neighborhood throne,

his archnemesis. He stands alert,

surveys the street for the enemy

he’s never met. A car drives by,

and he begins to bark. 


Today’s #creativesprint prompt was to “Make something boring seem exciting.” While I don’t exactly consider walking my dog boring, I’ve always suspected that he finds it far more exciting than I do. So I’ve written this poem from his perpective. 

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