poem #100 (#CreativeSprint Day 10)

Words are like plural nouns, they fill
all the adjective, plural nouns
and verb reality.
And the verdant trees, and humid air,
and charcoal clouds
are all adjective plural nouns.
I stand in the wilderness
of my backyard,
unkempt, weedy, and small,
and I am an adjective noun.
I inhale nouns, I verb nouns,
person in room verbs adverbly,
pronoun verbs article adjective noun,
conjunction article noun, conjunction
article noun.
I inhale, and now is smothered in nouns.
I exhale, and verbs saturate now.
I breathe, and I breathe, and now is now
and I breathe and now is I
and breathe is I is now
is I is breathe is now
is I is now
is be.

Today’s prompt: “Make a puzzle or something using the pieces of a puzzle.” I was pretty pleased with this prompt. A puzzle! Julian used Jumble for Buddha #100, and I LOVED it. And I thought, ah, a word puzzle! Which led me to Mad Libs, which isn’t really a puzzle but a game, and which then morphed into this poem. So, my puzzle isn’t a puzzle. Or, I suppose more accurately, my puzzle is a puzzle that isn’t a puzzle. Or, maybe I just like saying “puzzle,” which is a pretty great word. All are correct, really. 😉

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