Elvis buddha 

​Made this elvis buddha today by request for someone in town who just lost their apartment,  loads of rock and roll memorabilia and two kitties in a fire.  Acrylic on burnt canvas, repurposed frame and a single .45 bullet.  The phrase at the top is from “if I can dream.”  
I really think an alan vega buddha is in order now…

Bowie Buddha

Two things david bowie represents to me: hard work and constant change/impermanence.   We at 365 Buddhas would not feel right if we didn’t pay tribute.  Linocut print on repurposed 7 inch record covers with watercolor accents, edition of 7. 


Buddha # 365 – down in flames

End of the line!  Today’s buddha is a direct tribute to Noah Scalin, whose skull a day project inspired this whole thing.  He makes great matchstick portraits and I thought it would be a great way to end the year.  It was pretty satisfying!  

Huge thanks to everyone who watched, commented, liked, supported, shared,  or otherwise helped with this project.  Huge thanks to my very patient family for putting up with my year of nonsense.   And most of all thanks to Noah for the inspiration and Vickie for being my partner in crime!  I’ll be posting a few more buddhas and some thoughts on the year soon.


Buddha # 360 – gold leaf paper

Earlier in the year a friend gave me some of this lovely paper with gold leaf to make a buddha.  The linocut pulled the leaf right off using my usual, admittedly ham fisted, printing method.  But printing in the traditional japanese method using heavier ink and the back of a wooden spoon did alright.  These would frame at around 4×6″.